1.1 What is your relationship with your sketchbook?

Key points from the brief:

  • Look through these comments
  • Highlight in one colour the comments that relate to you at the moment, and in another colour the ones that you would like to apply to your sketchbook process in the future
  • Make a visual or written response to your selections and answer the question “What is your relationship with your sketchbook?”

Response to OCA questionnaire comments

Comments that relate to me at the moment:

  • They are becoming more precious and important for my creative development than before.
  • I am slowly learning to love them.

Comments I’d like to apply to your sketchbook process in the future:

  • The sketchbook as a place for experimenting, to show process and ideas A place to experiment and not to feel restricted.
  • Space to explore and set out ideas.
  • I use my sketchbook as a regular (it should be daily) tool for thoughts and experiments. I keep it to help remember the ideas and have access to them later.
  • I take my sketchbooks to be a kind of personal thinking instrument, not in the sense of containing logical arguments, but as a way of playing around with, thoughts and images in my head.
  • Constant companion.
  • My sketchbook is a visual representation of me. They are a cumulative record of who I am, what I am thinking and how I am feeling. They explore issues that are relevant to me and I feel bereft if I know my sketchbook is about to be full and I haven’t had the time to make the next one.

Question: What do you notice about your selections?

Observations about ‘As Is’ selection:

  • Practical statements reflecting a growing understanding of the importance of keeping a sketchbook and understanding that this should become a central spine of visual/creative practice.
  • Acknowledgement of this as a developing process. Up to this point sketchbooks have been a necessary functional tool.

Observations about the ‘To Be’ selection:

  • These are all descriptions that show a mature use of sketchbooks as a core and integrated part of the creative process, and a place for collecting information, assimilating ideas, thinking and experimentation.
  • Sketchbooks become personal and important tools and resources.
  • They are not only functional but contain thoughts’ feelings and emotions.

Themes and areas I’ll focus on as I start this course?

What is you relationship
Visual & written response. Ink pen, liquid watercolour – A3 sized sketchbook



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