1.2 Write your manifesto

The purpose of this exercise was to

Key words from the brief:

  • Write your own manifesto
  • Work to a minimum of 350–400 words
  • Look at the language
  • Consider your audience

Overarching vision

The North Star

Earn a living through being myself


  • Use the process of illustration as a form of enquiry
  • Make a positive contribution to the world
  • Do interesting work

Outcomes (next 6-months)

  • Work out what I am as an illustrator
  • Establish my ‘brand’

My practice (a personal statement)

Hugh Hadfield is passionate about using illustration to tell engaging stories and explain complex situations when words fall short.

A common thread that runs throughout his work is a curiosity with people, place and the slightly strange.

His practice is underpinned by a strong foundation: observational drawing, experimentation, striving for technical excellence and a disregard of formal rules.

During his career working in television, government, and financial services, he has regularly observed the benefits of applying right-brain creative thinking to help solve left-brain logical problems.

He currently splits his time between supporting digital agile transformation in an investment bank and illustrating his first graphic novel in collaboration with filmmaker/writer Juan Blanco.

Things I’ve learned

DON’T BE A DICK– try not to harm anyone or anything. Leave the world a better place.

UNDERSTAND WHY FIRST – the WHAT is cheap (and will naturally follow)

TRUST YOUR TASTE. Be curious. Pay attention to what you pay attention to, even when you don’t understand why

WELCOME AMBIGUITY. Why bring common sense into it?

MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY, set deadlines. The only way to get better is to do a lot.

AIM FOR THE MINIMUM. Stop doing useless work. Make time for excellence in what matters most

EMBRACE RISK TAKING AND REGULAR FAILURE – a comfort zone is a creative desert.

JUST FUCKING DO IT – procrastination kills and your time is short.

START FINISHING AND STOP STARTING. Reduce work in progress. Delivering value is most important.

START FROM WHERE YOU ARE, do the next smallest thing towards your outcome.

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