1.3 Write your marketing strategy

The purpose of this exercise was to write an initial strategy to market the final project.

Key words from the brief:

  • How you intend to market your project?
  • Identify your target audience and propose a way of reaching them
  • Be creative in how you respond to this task and tailor it towards your own practice
  • Build some momentum towards the project completion


The scope of this marketing strategy is meet the objectives I have for sustaining my practice as I complete my course at the OCA and look forward to my work and practice post degree.

It is an iterative document. Content will be added as it becomes known and/or changes. Some sections maybe just placeholders because the project hasn’t developed enough to complete the content in a useful/meaningful way.

Outcomes, objectives & key results

The diagram below shows the outcome that I want to achieve, and how the objectives and key measures link together.

How do the objectives help to sustain my practice?

ObjectiveWhat could that look like when it’s done?How does that help sustain my practice?
Establish my brandA focused package of information that clearly demonstrates my personal voice as a visual communicator and the areas that I work inMarketing collateral to approach potential clients
Finish my degreeAchieve a first class degreeProvides credibility and is part of the brand story
Get a comic published, marketed & distributedA substantial project completed, distributed and for sale.Demonstrates commitment. A showcase for quality of work and personal voice. Any sales provide evidence of marketability. A way to open doors to the next project.


  • Use the process of illustration as a form of enquiry
  • Make a positive contribution to the world
  • Do interesting work


To tell engaging stories and explain complex things when words fall short.

Market analysis

Understanding the market for self-published British graphic novels/comics is an ongoing element of my research.

Market research completed to date can be accessed from links here.

Target audiences

Key to success: Identify a niche and publish for and to it.

Audience analysis to follow.

Audience/stakeholder groupsKey interestsInformation needsConcerns & issues
Comic enthusiasts
Picture Editors
Indie Publishers
Podcasters/Youtubers that review comics
Journals and/or blogs
Comic conventions

Product strategy

There are two products/services:

  2. Oli – graphic novel

SWOT analysis

Distribution strategy

Graphic novel distribution strategy

Print on demand and aggregators

Print on demand – It gives you flexibility and control. You upload the finished artwork in the right format and that gets held by the supplier until they receive an order. There is no minimum print run. No cash flow problems.

Potential options:

Lulu.com (US company that ships and prints globally)- A one-stop-shop. Their website is packed full of advice and free resources about not only print of demand but also distribution and direct sales. They get you onto various platforms including Amazon.

Ingramcontent.com (UK) – Similar services. Ingram is one of the largest book distributors in in the world, so signing up with them will get the title into the Ingram catalogue and from there into an international database of books in print. This them appears in bookshop databases.

Apple Books for authors – information on the Apple website about how to publish and sell an ebook on Apple Books.

Kindle direct publishing – Self-publish eBooks and paperbacks for free and reach millions of readers on Amazon. There is a section targeted at comics and graphic novels. KDP also offers a print on demand service.

Other options for distribution:

  • Personal contacts – personal and via social media platforms
  • Face-to-face at comic conventions
  • Advertise on learning log
  • Other ideas to follow

Communications strategy

Section to be completed as more information about potential audience becomes known.

AudienceMessage(s)Media/channelsFrequencyTimingFeedback mechanism

Communications plan

To follow

Measurement plan

To follow


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