2.0 Rapid sketches

Key words from the brief:

  • Set up a scene – a still life of easily movable objects
  • Set a timer for three minutes and start drawing
  • Reduce the time even more, bring it down to two or even 1 minute, and conduct at least two drawings at this reduced time
  • A further test could be to set up a scene that will move

What I did

I decided to make the rapid sketches on location in the Barbican Centre Conservatory. I used the stopwatch on my iPhone to time each drawing and made the drawings using ink pens and Sharpies. All drawings were made in an A5 sketchbook.

I made several 3-minute drawings:

Several 1-minute drawings:

And a rapid drawing on a London Underground travelator:

London Underground travelator rapid sketch


What went well

  • The location had lots of different plants and cacti which were easy shapes to draw
  • The three-minute sketches for this subject seemed to work better than the shorter sketches because the images had many diverse shapes and complexity
  • I can see potential in this subject and will return to it in later exercises



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