2.6 Pareidolia

Key words from the brief:

  • Referencing the work of Keith Larsen and Justin Sutcliffe, document any instances of Facial Pareidolia that you come across
  • Take photographs, do drawings, collect the objects if this is appropriate
  • Be playful and open to discovery

What I did

I treated this exercise as purely visual research and therefore did not spend any time taking a broader more detailed look at the work of Keith Larson or Justin Sutcliffe.

My own photographic reference was taken on my iPhone over a period of several weeks.

Keith Larson reference

Justin Sutcliffe reference

Justin Sutcliffe has a whole series of photographs he calls ‘Things Are People Too’ that deal with found instances of facial pareidolia. They can be referenced on his website: https://justinsutcliffe.pixelrights.com/albums/pdhQuc/things-are-people-too

My own research

Here are the best selection of instances of facial pareidolia that I could find.


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