2. Ideas

Ideas consists of eleven exercises and one assignment.

My reflections on the work

Before I started PART 2 I set a number of personal objectives. These are outlined below along with how I performed against each.

PART 2 – study plan

The OCA suggest allowing 90-hours to complete this module. I didn’t believe I could complete the work in that time so planned for 108-hours. In the end it took me 181-hours to complete the work, double what the OCA coursework suggest.

Description of work Target no. hours Actual no. hours
Writing a brief 2  2
Spider diagrams 4  3
Turning words into pictures 6  13
Making a moodboard 6  7
Using reference 16  24
Exploring drawing and painting 8  7.5
An objective drawing 4  6
A subjective drawing 8  22
Using black and white 6  18.5
Choosing content 16  16.5
Visual metaphors 8  8.5
Assignment 2 – Point of sale display 24 53
Total hours: 108  181

PART 2 – personal goals

My main goal was to:

Be daring and not too precious about the outputs I create from the exercises

The objectives I’ve set myself for PART 2 were:

Objective How I performed
Have fun I had fun.
Push my creative boundaries and be prepared to be uncomfortable It took a while and coincided with using my sketchbook to develop and generate ideas. I feel I learned a huge amount about an approach/process to responding to briefs as well as my own technical ability.
Record actual time spent I did this and learned that I’m working at a pace that is much slower than what the OCA coursework estimate. I’m fine with this because I’m gaining alot of value through spending the additional time.

I think it’s important for me to continue to record actual time spent so I can better forecast how long it’ll take me to progress through the course.

Try to stick within the study plan timings Failed – but as per my point above, this is ok with me as long I continue to use the time well.
Focus technical quality on Assignment 2 I spent alot of time developing Assignment 2 and am pleased with the technical quality of the work across different media.
In parallel keep drawing and evidence this work in the Personal projects section of the Learning Log I started life drawing classes and have been doing some reportage sketching; I need to continue both of these practices.

I’ve also been working on two other personal projects; a film poster for a short film and illustrations for a short story. Both these are either almost finished or in progress and will be uploaded into the blog when complete.

Pointers for the assignment (from tutor feedback)

Give yourself room to develop a range of ideas, and allow ideas to emerge from your sketchbooks, so you’re not always trying to create something finished but exploring what you can do with happy accidents and different processes

It wasn’t really until Exercise 9 Using Black and white that I started to relax and go with the sketchbook. Assignment 2 is probably where it all really came together.

So my reflection is that I succeeded in this but it took a while and is something I need to develop.

My other observations/achievements during PART 2 are:

I’ve been on two study visits; The Rauschenberg exhibition in Tate Modern and the Paul Nash exhibition in Tate Britain. I found both exhibitions inspiring and the experience of talking through ideas with other students and the tutors extremely valuable. I’m booked on several others.

I’ve started using Instagram for the first time to share my work/experience with #weareoca; I’m interested to see how/if that develops.








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