3.1 Review: Project plan document

What have you made so far?

The roadmap below shows work delivered to date.

What do you still have to make?

At a high level, the work remaining includes:

  • Complete editing the script based on user feedback
    • Creating the book in InDesign using updated design patterns
    • Completing approximately 14 x illustrations using various techniques
    • Identifying 20 background images and preparing them as artwork to sit behind the text
    • Completing text layout
    • Carrying out a final round of testing on a final draft of the book
    • Preparing print ready artwork
    • Printing a proof and then run of X copies
  • Writing up/creating the remaining OCA exercises and assignments
  • Marketing and distribution of the comic (marketing plan to be updated)
  • Following up on any project/work opportunities

Are there any technical challenges to overcome?

There are two technical challenges I can think of:

  1. Running a single image across the fold in a double page spread in InDesign
  2. Preparing print ready artwork to meet printer specifications

If so, how do you intend to resolve them?

Both challenges will be resolved by speaking to the printers. I believe I know how to overcome both challenges but am concerned to get the exact specifications correct.

How has your research and reading informed your decisions?

The reading and research heavily informed my approach to creating the Oli comic in terms of:

  • Understanding how to break down and analyse a story into it’s components parts, develop characters, understand plot and narrative arc
  • Understanding some of the theory behind why and how comics work
  • Thinking about the technical aspects of book design and options for printing
  • Information about publishing and distribution

All of this learning has been relevant to the new project and has massively accelerated the rate at which I’ve been able to progress.

What questions have you been able to answer about your practice?

  • I think my work has got a distinct and developing voice
  • I’m becoming more confident in my capabilities

What questions remain?

  • Can I deliver a significant project?
  • Will it be compelling/engaging enough to generate new work?
  • Where is the market for what I do and how do I reach it?

Are you on schedule?

  • I believe so. If necessary I will adjust my approach in order to deliver the final project within available time.
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