3. Working it out

Working it out consists of eight exercises and one assignment:

My reflections on the work

Before I started PART 3, I set a number of personal objectives. These are outlined below along with how I performed against each.

Part 3 study plan

Description of work Target no. hours Actual no. hours
Illustrating visual space  7.5
Reading an image  1.5
Image development  12.5
Abstract illustration  10.5
Giving instructions  14.5
Viewpoint  11
Client visuals  6
Making a mock-up  12.5
Assignment 3 – A poster  60
Total hours:  90  128

PART 3  – personal goals

My main goal was to do:

More drawing, keep developing ideas in the sketch book

The objectives I’ve set myself for PART 3 were:

Objective How I performed
Keep up the pace Achieved.

PART 3 was completed in 7-weeks and that included a couple of weekends where I was working on personal projects.

Keep having fun Achieved.

I’m really enjoying pushing myself and feel like I’m growing in confidence and learning where and what I need to learn.

Do more collaborative projects Achieved.

Assignment 3 was completed in collaboration with a real ‘client’.

More sharing with fellow students Achieved.

I’ve been regularly posting work to Instagram.

Try and get the balance right between effort spent of exercises and the assignment Partially achieved.

I was very much on track until assignment 3. I feel like I’ve got the pace about right. Assignment 3 took longer than planned because I had to do more development than anticipated due to ‘client’ feedback. I think the end result was better because of the extra work.

Pointers for the assignment (from tutor feedback)

The next assignment explores the process of transforming your ideas into a form that best communicates them. This is an opportunity to continue to experiment between handmade drawing and drawing in Photoshop and testing which works best for the content of each exercise.

 I’ve continued to develop my own processes working between handmade drawing and painting and digital. I can see my skills and technique improving for each. I can also see where I need to improve.

As part of my own personal practice I challenged myself to create a 4-page comic and found my drawing skills lacking – I am determined to improve this part of my practice.

My other observations/achievements during PART 2 are:

  • I attended a study visit to The Royal Academy to see America after the Fall – parts of it were very inspiring particularly paintings by Grant Wood and Edward Hopper. I paid particular attention to use of colour.
  • I visited the Eduardo Paolozzi exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery. Up until that point I didn’t particularly like his work; I thought he was predominantly a sculptor and wasn’t aware of his printwork and collage which is brilliant.
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