4. Style

Style consists of seven exercises and one assignment:

My reflections on the work

Before I started PART 4, I set a number of personal objectives. These are outlined below along with how I performed against each.

Description of work Target no. hours Actual no. hours
Identifying tools and materials  15
Museum posters  31
A children’s book cover  23
A menu card  8
A tattoo  9.5
Visual distortion  15
Character development  19
Assignment 4 – Magazine illustration  23.5
Total hours: 90  144

PART 4  – personal goals

My main goal was:

More drawing, keep developing ideas in the sketch book, keep up the pace

The objectives I’ve set myself in Part 4 were:

Objective How I performed
Tutor comments/feedback

Within the Learning Log, include more sketchbook drawing as part of documenting the thinking process.

Achieved – as evidenced in the Learning Log
Continue life drawing classes Achieved – I continued with life drawing classes. There is now a summer break so I’ll need to find another class until September
Sign-up to a silk screen printing course Achieved – I’m booked on a weekend introductory course in July
Be experimental and don’t be afraid to fail Achieved – I felt Exercise 6 Visual distortion and Exercise 7 Character development and Assignment 4  were all experimental for me. I felt that the final artwork in Visual distortion failed but the process was instructive
Continue to collaborate on personal and OCA exercises and assignments Achieved

I was really pleased with the 5-page comic An unknown intimacy  I created as a collaboration.

I am also meeting with other OCA students on urban sketching sessions.

Read ‘Illustration A Theoretical & Contextual Perspective’ Partially achieved – I’m about half way through the book and will complete it during PART 5.
Complete PART 4 in under 10-weeks  Achieved – I completed PART 5 in approx. 6-weeks.

My other observations/achievements during PART 4:

  • Something clicked in me during this period. My sketching has become more fluid and I’m gaining confidence in drawing in public.
  • I know I need to improve my figure drawing skills and the best way to do that is to keep practicing.
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