5.1 Making an action plan visually

The purpose of this exercise was to review the findings from 5.0 Taking stock and, from these, create a set of objectives for the final assignment.

Key words from the brief:

  • Make an action list from your observations.
  • Think about the outcomes you would like to achieve in this final assignment.
  • I would like to use the final assignment to ……
  • Prioritise by numbering, ticking or circling whichever actions you think are most important
  • Translate this list visually in your sketchbook using icons , drawings, symbols and adding words inventively

I would like to use the final assignment to:

  • Work in sequence;
  • write words;
  • experiment with more media;
  • think more about meaning;
  • use words;
  • combine fast observational drawing and slow studio development;
  • develop better architectural line;
  • combine doodle style alongside observational work; and
  • continue to think through story arc and narrative structure.

I applied as many of the objectives listed above into my visual action plan against an ‘everyday’ subject.

Making an action plan
Visual action plan – A1 size (across 2-pages of an A2 sketchbook). Coloured Sharpies, liquid watercolour, Indian Ink, liquid masking
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