5. Words and pictures

Words and pictures consists of seven exercises and one assignment:

My reflections on the work

Before I started PART 5, I set a number of personal objectives. These are outlined below along with how I performed against each.

Description of work Target no. hours Actual no. hours
 Your own work  10  18
 Editorial illustration  10  14.5
 Travel guides  10  56.5
 Text and image  10  21
 Packaging  10  39.5
 Working for children  10  37.5
 Educational strip  10  25.5
 Assignment 5 – Seven days  20  91.5
 Total hours:  90  304

PART 5 personal goals

My main goal for this work is to do:

More drawing, more extensive sketchbook development and demonstrate a clear path from generating ideas to finished artwork in the Learning Log.

Objective How I performed
To complete reading ‘Illustration A Theoretical & Contextual Perspective’ Not complete. I’ve been reading other books that are more relevant to the work I’ve been doing during PART 5.
Complete the silk screen printing weekend course Complete. I’ve also completed an etching weekend course.
Do more reportage drawing (and get more confident in doing it) Partially complete. I am more confident at reportage drawing but need to spend more time doing it. I’m hoping that the next OCA module, Drawing 1, will enable me to focus on my drawing.
Sign up to another term of life drawing classes Complete.
Have more interaction with other OCA students I continue to use the OCA hashtags on Instagram to share comments and review other student’s work.
Be more experimental and more prepared to fail I have been more experimental during PART 5, and I feel like I’ve pushed my own boundaries.
It would be good to see more finished drawing that is not moved into Photoshop to be cleaned up at the end of an exercise as you sometimes tend to do. I’ve intentionally minimised the use of digital tools during the PART 5 exercises.
The final assignment invites you to bring together all that you have learnt throughout the course into a range of illustration briefs. This is an opportunity to experiment further in book design, develop and incorporate typography into your illustrations and further develop sequential narrative. I hope that my response to assignment 5 meets all of these objectives.


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