A change in direction

After reflecting on what I’d lessoned learned from the Oli design, I made a decision to stop work on that project and pivot to another idea. This was because the Oli script needed a rewrite and this wasn’t going to happen in time for me to meet OCA deadlines.

At about the same time my elderly father had a fall, broke his hip and went through a traumatic couple of months being pushed through the health and social care services. For me, experiencing first hand the overstretched, overburdened and broken health care system was shocking, and something I wanted to talk about.

This was to become the subject of my new project.

I reassessed the direction of the work and the plan for delivery.

Fig 1 – Mindmap that helped me shape up the new idea (2022)

This section contains the work created during the Practice research and Design phases over a two-month period.

There are four parts:

  1. Practice research
  2. Story analysis
  3. Subject research
  4. Visual design
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