blog-profile-picture-500-x-500I’m returning to study art after a long break; I graduated from Cardiff College of Art in 1984 with a BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art. I supplemented that a couple of years later with a Diploma in Graphic Design for Television and managed to make a living as a freelance Paintbox Operator for a couple of years. Somehow I was given a job in the BBC Graphic Design Department as a project manager and was there for 9-years. During that time I supported designers mostly on television title sequences/information graphics, but with the advent of the internet and new media started working with these new mediums.

Since 2004 I’ve been managing web/digital projects across several different sectors – most recently Financial Services.

I live in Surrey and generally work in London.

I’m exploring illustration to build my skills and confidence to the point where I have a strong enough portfolio to start doing more pure illustration in my work; the collaborative way in which digital projects are created is opening opportunities.

I’m open and excited to collaborate on personal projects and anything creative and interesting.

I can be contacted at hugh516346@oca.ac.uk

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