Assessment information

This page contains information for the OCA Accessors in line with the requirements for Illustration 2: Responding to a Brief (VC5ILL) outlined in Preparing for digital assessment for visual communications units.

The assessment submission consists of four parts:

  1. A selection of entries from your learning log – Links to relevant exercises and assignments are provided in the section below
  2. A selection of creative work – Links to relevant exercises and assignments are provided in the section below
  3. Any written elements such as critical reviews – The critical has been uploaded to the relevant G:Drive folder here.
  4. A reflective presentation or evaluation. ​A reflective evaluation has been uploaded to the relevant G:Drive folder here.

A selection of entries from your learning log

A selection of up to ten examples spread across the four learning outcomes. These have been selected to demonstrate the connections between the coursework and learning outcomes.

LO1 evidence your engagement with experimentation through your practice

LO2 demonstrate how research has informed your practice 

LO3 develop a body of work that is rigorous in its engagement with conceptual  and practical skills 

LO4 situate, reflect and critique on illustration practices and reflect on your own  learning

A selection of creative work

These exercises and assignments have been selected to demonstrate progress against the HE Level 5 Assessment criteria.

Selection 1 – Mixing and matching

Minotaur 02 final
Minotaur in The Labyrinth – Pencil, ink pen, Posca pen, collage and digital recolour

Illustrating a scene from the Greek Minotaur myth. Created as part of 1.4 Mixing and matching.

Selection 2 – A sense of place

Couple on a bench – Fountain pen over 2-pages of an A5 sketchbook

One of a number of reportage sketches made as part of a response to Assignment 2 – A sense of place.

Selection 3 – Once upon a time

Taunted by large black birds – Black scraperboard, 230mm x 150mm

An image illustrating a scene from a Hans Christian Andersen short story called ‘On the Last Day’.

Part of my response to 3.5 Once upon a time.

Selection 4 – A graphic short story

Theseus finished artwork cover
Title page

The work is a 6-page graphic short story that is best printed and read in a booklet form. A PDF of the story is here: Theseus and the Minotaur

Created for Assignment 3 – A graphic short story.

Selection 5 – Self publishing

Cover image correction
Title page

The work is a 42-page booklet that can be downloaded and viewed here: 31 Days 54 sketches

Selection 6 – Pixelated images

#trolling – pen, ink and spray paint. A3 sized

An illustration exploring how trolling is a strategy actively employed by extremist groups to gain media attention. Created as part of 4.8 Pixelated images.

Selection 7 – Street art

Flower design 04 artwork INSTAGRAM
Orchids mural design – scaled at an 8 x 3.5 aspect ratio. Hand drawn line art digitally coloured in Photoshop using  the Molotow All4one colour swatch

This was produced for a specific retail site in mind and conversations I was having with the owner to get permission to do the work have been paused because of Covid-19.

Made as a response to 4.10 Street art.

Selection 8 – Contemporary ceramics

Covid19 vase 03
A contemporary theme presented in a Qing Dynasty style. The final artwork was rendered onto a 3D vase using basic lighting in Photoshop

Illustrations commenting on and inspired by the Covid-19 lockdown and texture mapped onto a 3D object as part of 4.14 Contemporary ceramics.

Selection 9 – You are here

You are here title with days added

You are here is a visual diary that captures the ordinary day-to-day experience of being locked in in self-isolation against the extraordinary unfolding of a global pandemic.

You are here started as Assignment 4 and transitioned into an ongoing self directed project.

The version submitted for assessment charts the first 56 days of the pandemic. It can be downloaded and viewed here: You are here – Day 1 to 56

Please note this is very much work-in-progress so whilst the content is correct, the layout and structure could change.

Selection 10 – Self directed project

Cropped screenshot
Screenshot of microsite showing product images and hero image animation.

Part of the deliverables for a product packaging and digital brief as part of Assignment 5 – Self directed project.

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