Assignment 2 – Submission of work-in-progress

The purpose of this assignment was to demonstrate progress, moving the final project through the Design phase in readiness for production.

Key words from the brief:

  • Submit to your tutor a series of tests, drafts and work in progress in support of your project
  • Consider the most appropriate way of presenting your work to your tutor for this stage


The Design phase of the project was 4-weeks in duration. The activities and outputs can be seen in context in the project roadmap.

A more detailed view of the work that was completed is shown in the DONE section of the project Kanban Board.

The DONE section of the project Kanban Board showing working completed during the Design phase

What happened

A detailed demonstration and explanation of the Design work is here:

The series of tests, drafts and work in progress in support of the project were carried out as a series of experiments. The experiments are written up here:

  1. Page layout
  2. Visual design panels
  3. Visual design full bleed pages
  4. Mock-up

A review of the project plan, personal manifesto and approaches to making the work can be found in:

The reading list that contains information and references to the research that has informed the work is here.

What I’ll do next

A huge amount was learned during the Design phase about both the theory and practice of design and making comics. The review of the project plan explains the need for a temporary change in direction because it has not yet been possible to get an amended version of the script.

This is an opportunity to produce a shorter but no less ambitious comic aligned more to my personal voice. The outcomes remain the same.

The immediate next steps are to shape up the ideas for this, rework the project plan, and start doing the work.

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