Assignment 4 – Themed project

The purpose of this assignment was to draw on all the learning experience from the course so far in order to develop a self directed project based on one of three themes so that the theory and learning can be better understood through experience.

Key words from the brief:

  • Opportunity to express something of your own personal interests and developing visual language
  • Three theme options:
    • A place
    • Imagination
    • The Word
  • Develop your methods and processes of generating ideas, concepts and images
  • Use your chosen theme to investigate your own visual, material and technical interests to make artwork that has some relevance and significance to you

  • Write a page of text (about 250 words) reflecting on the assignment,

My working process

This was the first self-directed assignment on the course so far and I needed to create a framework for myself to work within.

I decided to use the working process that I defined in 5.3 What’s your working process.

High-level creative process flow

The outputs of the assignment were organised into these different phases and can be accessed from the links below:

Planning the work

The brief specified the amount of effort required to make the project as 90-hours of learning time, or around 10 working days with another two days dedicated to initial research and subsequent written reflection.

Work plan showing the tasks to complete in week 1 – assuming I’m working on the project full time




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