Assignment 5 – Rethinking and realising

The purpose of this assignment was to produce a body of work that explores a starting point of your own through different stages of development, materials and processes.

Key words from the brief:

  • Think unconventionally
  • Embrace the idea of the new, the unusual and the unconventional, and push at the boundaries of your subject
  • A minimum of three finished pieces
  • Decide on the element of unconventionality, or creative risk
  • Document what you do as you go along
  • 90 hours of your time
  • Write a final reflective statement

Working process

Because the assignment brief was deliberately open ended I started by putting some structure around how I would deliver the work. This was based around the working process defined in 5.3 What’s your working process, but with some variation to cater for the experimental nature of the assignment.

Assignment 5 process diagrams v0.2

Each stage in the process has its own section that includes a summary of the work done, the outputs from the work and any reflections.

Each section can be accessed from the links below:

It should also be noted that the process is iterative and so a certain points there is likely to be a need to cycle back and update previous sections. For example, the Terms of Reference for the project that is created during the ‘Understand the problem’ stage will probably need to be refined once the research has completed.

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