Catálogo turístico

The brief:

To produce an illustration for the front and back cover of a tourist brochure for Acacias, a town in Columbia.

The illustration to be based on video reference containing promotional material shot on different locations around and about the town.

Dimensions of the brochure: 280mm x 220mm (landscape format)

Output: Photoshop PDF, 300dpi

The front cover to include:

  1. Illustration
  2. Heading
  3. Sub-heading
  4. Acacies logo (bottom right)

The back cover to include:

  1. Illustration including a church and enormous acacia tree; a tourist attraction in Acacias
  2. Columbia brand
  3. Space for credits

The visual style, typeface and layout was completely up to the illustrator/designer.

I was also asked to do a number of wildlife illustrations from photographic reference for the interior of the brochure.


I created a series a number of thumbnail sketches to test layout and colour.

Thumbnail sketch to test colour and layout

The final artwork was drawn using dip pen and Indian ink. This was then scanned and coloured using Photoshop.

Tourist brochure cover small
Final artwork – clean version without captions or logo

For the wildlife illustrations I was limited by time so had to choose an approach to suit.

Iguana small
Iguana – Ink pen drawing coloured in Photoshop

Keeping the image fairly sketchy and adding only partial colour meant it was quick to complete.

The illustration for the inside cover is a composite of characters and locations from video reference.

Shopkeeper illustration
Drawn using Sharpies and coloured in Photoshop
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