Definition of done (DOD)

Definition of done (DOD) is a term used in the software development industry to define clearly and unambiguously when a task or feature is completed.

Typically this consists of a checklist of criteria that need to be fulfilled. Once the criteria have been met (and verified), a task can move from ‘doing’ into ‘done’.

The DOD is iterative and will change over time.

DOD for research tasks and exercises

  • Did the content meet the brief?
  • is punctuation and spelling correct?
  • Is the background suitable to carry any text?
  • Is the purpose framed as a this thing/so what statement?
  • Are reflections framed as this thing/so that statements?
  • Are any lessons highlighted and captured for future consideration?
  • Are any research areas identified and captured for future consideration?
  • Are all references added to Paperpile?
  • Are any new glossary items added to the research glossary?
  • Could I have taken more creative risk? Is so, what? Has this been added to the reflections
  • Are research practice objectives measured and have any lessons been added to the reflective statement?
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