2.6 Exploring drawing and painting


The brief was to create several illustrations around a single subject to explore working with different unfamiliar materials.

Keywords from the brief:

  • Create a sketchbook
  • Different coloured and textured papers
  • Range of drawing implements
  • Explore unchartered territories
  • Label each of your pieces of work


I started by creating a matrix that had drawing/painting materials down one side and different papers across the top. I was aiming to make around 10 to 15 pictures that each used a different combination of media.

It became clear very quickly that some of the combinations I thought would work wouldn’t and I quickly dismissed my initial plan and let the process take over.

The subject I selected was cup-cakes; they are easy to draw with lots of colour and texture combinations to keep the exercise interesting.

I ended up creating 14 different pictures. I could have carried on but felt that I’d learned a lot from the exercise and I needed to move on to the next thing.


Here are photographs of the work.

What I learned from the exercise

What went well

  • I worked with new materials and combinations of media that I’ve never worked with before. I think some were successful and things I’ll use again in the future.
  • I enjoyed the vibrant colours I could achieve using coloured inks. I think this learning will be directly applicable to my choice of materials for Assignment 2.
  • I liked working against a coloured background.
  • I was surprised at how poorly/well some materials reacted on different textured papers.

What I would do differently/better

  • I would have liked to explore a wider range of drawing materials on different textured papers – something I’ll have to pick up later.
  • It would be interesting to explore using coloured ink in a more free-form/less controlled way.


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