Final project

This section documents the development of my final OCA project, a comic titled Oli.

There are currently five parts that chart the progress of the project from it’s inception through to production and launch:

  1. Project plan
  2. Discovery
  3. Design
  4. Production
  5. Launch

The project is iterative, and the path to reach the end point, or even what the end point is, (at the point of writing), is uncertain.

Sections will grow and change over time. Some may appear empty or light in detail, and that’s totally expected and reflects the nature of making a complex creative product.

What it is

Oli is a 40 to 60-page comic in a sci-fi genre, written initially as a film script by Juan Blanco, illustrated and designed by Hugh Hadfield.

Focus sentence:

Pilot OL-11992 (Oli) is sent on a desperate mission through time and space that will save the lives of his people who are being slowly destroyed on their home planet. During his mission, instrument failure causes him to crash land on planet earth. His rocket ship is completely destroyed when it crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. By chance he is washed ashore on Coney Island Beach where he is rescued by Margarita and Alicia, a Mexican family from New York.

This set’s him on a path that will determine the fate of his people.

But his unusual appearance and strange mannerisms attract the attention of Dennis, a taxidermist more interested in turning him into a museum exhibit than helping him complete his mission.


In January 2022 I was approached by Spanish film maker Juan Blanco with an idea for a collaboration. Juan, now living and studying in New York had a film script that, due to Covid issues hadn’t been developed.

I met him through my daughter when they worked together on a film in Prague. At that time I created the promotional poster, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.

Fig 1 – Untitled Film #1 film poster (2017)

Juan sent me the script and we agreed to work together to explore whether it was something we both wanted to develop.


List of illustrations

Figure 1 – Hadfield, Hugh (2017) Untitled Film #1 [Film poster] In possession of: The author

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