Google hangout 17/02/19


I’m working on Assignment 3 – Illustrative people and places as part of Illustration sketchbooks PART 3. The brief is to create a narrative illustration for a newspaper editorial, and the subject I’ve chosen is one of the East End London markets; they are full of character and an interesting challenge.

  • How do a capture visual reference when most things in the environment are dynamic and people won’t stay still?
  • How do I edit and develop my visual reference – there are so many possible directions to go in?
  • What media, techniques should I use to represent the subject?

To help develop a narrative I’ve taken a line from an online travel guide as my direction/inspiration. It describes the markets as A hive of hipness”

Visual research

Location 1 – Spitalfields Market

All sketches are in the same A5 sized sketchbook and drawn using ink pen, Sharpie and liquid watercolour brush pens.

Location 2 – Brick Lane

Spitalfield gave me a sense of place but not people. So I went to Brick Lane with the specific intention of drawing people/characters.

Photographic reference

Photos taken on an iPhone alongside the drawings.

For discussion

  • What images stand alone as reportage/documentary drawings in their own right – and why?
  • What is the relationship between the drawings and the photographs?
  • What themes/elements work and what doesn’t work – and why?

Feedback from the group

The feedback was positive. My main takeaway was that many of the images do function in their own right so I need to be careful about how much/what I choose to develop.

  • The drawings stand alone and give a good impression of the place
  • There is a risk of causing detriment to the images by doing further work ‘I’m not sure the images need developing further’
  • Liked the portraits – they can stand alone
  • Specifically like Brick Lane sketch 04 because of the bleed through from the other image
  • Liked the hanging shirts in Spitalfields sketch 07. Liked the shorts hanging off the top of the page
  • Not sure the images are hipster enough


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