Level progression

The purpose of this page

This page contains information for the level progression tutor discussion.

  • A selection of images
  • A statement of intent

Note that Visual exploration tutor reports have been uploaded to the G:Drive here.

A selection of images

The following groups of images have been selected because I like them and/or they are areas of practice that I feel drawn to.

Statement of intent

During the past month I’ve been either researching for of writing my critical assessment that involved a fairly broad review of my work since the start of Key steps in illustration and through to completion of Visual exploration. It’s also been a period of reflection on my own working processes and how I optimise them.

It now feels like I’m really ready to launch into Level 3.

Choosing the handful of images for this exercise was quite revealing in terms of what I like and gives a clue as to the general direction I’m moving in.

Current practices

  • I’m doing a lot of figure/life/portrait drawing through numerous Zoom classes
  • I continue to experiment with gestural drawing, slow/fast visual approaches, experimentation with media and design
  • I continue to create content for my pandemic diary project – currently on Day 232.
  • I’m excited by opportunities to experiment and collaborate, recognising that for me, these are excellent development opportunities
  • The final three assignments in Visual exploration resulted in different types of narrative illustration that have a lot of scope for further development
  • I’m working with a number of subjects and themes but still feel lacking in this area. I’m looking for something that I can feel passionate about and haven’t quite found what that is yet.


  • Narrative illustration
  • Narrative sequences
  • Reportage
  • People and place
  • Words and pictures

What I’d like to develop

  • Storytelling
  • Narrative illustration
  • Reportage
  • My drawing skills

Area for research

I’ve found both of the critical reviews produced for Responding to a brief and Visual exploration extremely valuable in supporting me to better understand and position my own practice.

I have a backlog of practice research items, but there’s nothing large enough to take forward as a specific area of research. When I do discover a area for research I would expect it to be an important part of my Level 3 work.

Outcome of completing the course

  • To gain the technical and creative skills and portfolio of work to allow me to pivot away from my current day job
  • Start to make contacts and connections to support sustaining my practice

Personal objectives

  • Develop an authentic personal voice
  • Significantly improve my drawing skills
  • Identify subjects and themes that I feel passionate about
  • Develop my research skills
  • Identify/start/deliver some significant projects
  • Find a way to sustain my practice

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