PART 2 Introducing relief printing – linocuts

Introducing relief printing consists of three projects and one assignment:

PART 2 Goals and objectives

Key pointers from tutor feedback from PART 1

The following points are taken verbatim from tutor feedback from PART 1:

  • Continue to use your sketchbook and drawing as an integral part of your process.
  • Continue to develop your log as a more critical and reflective document.
  • Think about your personal voice and what you are trying to say in your work and what you want to make work about.
  • Use the images in the course materials as reference only and develop your own personal voice and themes
  • Continue to explore printmaking in a variety of scales

Personal objectives

  • Think carefully about personal voice, what that means to me given where I am in my own personal development and how I can use this to contextualise and direct my work.
  • Don’t be precious and aim to make some mistakes.
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