Part 2: PechaKucha presentation

The purpose of this assignment was to produce a presentation suitable for posting on the OCA blog and other outward-facing sites.

It built directly on outputs and learnings from Assignment 3.

Key words from the brief:

  • Aim at an external audience
  • Presenting your completed project, the story behind it, and how it was brought into fruition
  • A professional argument setting out what makes your work critical and worth paying attention to

What happened

I used the Assignment 3 presentation as the starting point and rewrote/updated the script to reflect the fact the current situation.

One of the lessons from Assignment 3 was that the audio quality needed to be improved. The rewritten voiceover was recorded using a higher quality microphone.

Images were created in Photoshop using illustration and layouts from the final project where possible.

The presentation was edited in Adobe Premier Pro.

Fig 1 – Assignment 4 – PechaKucha presentation (2023)


List of illustrations

Figure 1 – Hadfield, Hugh (2023) Assignment 4 – PechaKucha presentation [Video] In possession of: The author

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