Research: 1.3 How do you intend to work?

The purpose of this research task was to think about ways in how ideas can become actions/realised. This activity is in preparation for writing a framework for a self initiated project.

The brief includes a series of questions as a starting point and to help direct thinking.

In order to answer the question, how do you intend to work?, it’s most important to understand my overarching vision and purpose for being an illustrator.

The North Star (Vision)

Earn a living through being myself


  • Use the process of illustration as a form of enquiry
  • Make a positive contribution to the world
  • Do interesting work

Outcomes (next 6-months)

  • Work out what I am as an illustrator
  • Establish my ‘brand’

How do you intend to work?

In the next 6-months

In order to meet the outcomes I am working on a self-published book collaboration project with the following objectives:

I will:

  • finish my degree;
  • learn how to deliver and market a substantial project; and
  • get published.

Key results

Stretch targets measure progress towards the objectives:

  • Sell 30 copies of the comic/booklet
  • Have the work featured in 10 different places
  • Identify 10 new illustration/visual communication opportunities
  • Have 20-people on an email distribution list
  • Achieve a first class degree

In the long term

Questions from the brief:

Are you looking to earn income from your visual communication skills?

Yes. This will involve further integration with my current job. Wholesale change is unlikely.

Do you see a clear line between commercial and personal work?

I see a line but the direction it takes post degree requires me to do more work. In other words, I’m currently working in too many genres and know that I need to narrow and focus my practice to strengthen my portfolio.

I see the way to do that is by being ambitious, taking risks and doing a lot of work.

How will you integrate the two? (Commercial work can be outside of visual communication.)

I already use illustration/visual thinking in my day job as a way to help capture, clarify and express ideas individually and with teams.

In the longer term I would like to broaden my practice into other areas/domains and gradually take more control of the direction of the work.

How can the subjects you come across on a daily basis and have unique perspectives on, feed into your practice? How can they become your own curatorial project?

My pandemic diary project is an ongoing daily commitment to create a piece of visual work with associated diary entry. It is a growing database of text and visual assets that I drew on and explored in both Advanced practice and Visual research.

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