Research task: 4.1 Identifying opportunities

The purpose of this exercise was think about ways to present my practice to the outside world.

Key words from the brief:

  • Opportunities to present your practice to a wider audience
  • Pick examples that you find interesting
  • Reflect on these in your learning log

What happened

I gathered my thoughts in a mindmap.

This generated a number of areas of enquiry.

Opportunities to explore further

There were three areas to explore further:

  1. Exploring ways to extend the use of illustration in my day job – supporting large corporate organisations to develop products
  2. Using crowdfunding (such as Kickstarter), to generate funding to publish ‘Broken’ and create interest in what I do/offer as an illustrator
  3. Using a more traditional approach; presenting a carefully constructed portfolio of work to illustration agencies interested in representing me and/or to new clients

These three areas are not mutually exclusive and there should be plenty of scope for work/opportunities in one area to feed into another.

I will explore the use of crowdfunding in Assignment 5 PART 2 – Project marketing and self-promotion in some detail.

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