Science factsheet

This was a short collaborative piece of work with MSc Science Communication student Olivia Rhoden.

The brief was to produce an information leaflet for the RSPB in support of their Big Garden Birdwatch event.

Olivia provided the following context and a script:

Audience – Participants in the RSPB big garden birdwatch. Demographics aren’t published but there are over 500,000 regular participants and it’s mainly targeted at a family audience. This could be read by adults to their children or grandchildren

Why would they read it – already involved in large scale citizen science by signing up to the event. They may read it to get more information about the big garden birdwatch and also to entertain and inform

What do I want them to get from it – I want them to learn that human interaction is driving evolution in their own back yard and a little bit about the ecology of the great tit

Where would it be published – would be mailed to each person who is registered, as promotional material in the leadup to the event. And also on the various social media platforms

What format would it be presented in – it will be an A4 newsletter style with a small amount of info on the top about the big garden birdwatch and why participating is good

I worked up a number of sketches and these developed iteratively until we were happy with the script and layout.

I worked up a final version of the leaflet in black and white because a tight timescale meant that I couldn’t complete a colour version.


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