1.4 What’s next?

The purpose of this exercise was to reflect on: “what are you aiming for in the longer term and what kinds of projects might help to get you there?”

Key words from the brief:

  • Assignment One asks you to reflect on the kinds of projects you’re interested in developing 
  • Think about what you may need to do, as well as what you want to do. 

Generating ideas

I used the outputs of previous exercises and research to create a mindmap of ideas in response to the ‘What’s next’ question.

The sections below develop this.

Overall outcome

I will have succeeded as an illustrator when the work I make generates an income AND I pivot away from my current job into a role that fully utilises visual skills.



  • Pandemic diary
  • Brookwood Cemetery themes and subjects
  • Revisit the Hunstanton idea
  • Revisit the Hampton Court idea
  • Music events, marches/demonstrations, sports events
  • Explicitly tie reportage illustration into a work context. Perhaps as a way to support agile transformation?
  • The stories behind the places


  • Self-published book
  • Editorial (reportage)
  • Series of woodcuts
  • Silkscreen prints
  • Book illustrations
  • Something that explores social media/digital
  • Visual thinking


  • Collaboration – Work with an author
  • Collaboration – extend the pandemic diary idea
  • Documentary – Series of pictures based on place/people
  • Reportage
  • Visual thinking (illustration within a ‘work’ context)
  • Caricature
  • Keep developing figure drawing & portraits
  • Words and pictures (explore in PART 2)
  • Revisit/extend previous exercises/assignments

Gaps that need filling

The following list are items that have been added to my practice research backlog.

  • Dip pens on location
  • Figure drawing with movement
  • Watercolour/working with colour
  • Handwritten typography
  • Using Illustrator for visual thinking
  • Illustrator hybrid – Reference Olivier Kugler


The exercise was helpful in helping me to position where I am. It feels like like I’ve got direction although I’m still looking for interesting projects to take me forward.

Question: How/where do I find interesting projects/self-directed projects to take me forward? What problems do I want to solve or themes to explore?

How do I do this within the constraints of the coronavirus lockdown?

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