2.2 Review: Manifesto and project plan

Do you need to change, add to or amend your manifesto?


Do you need to change, add to or amend your project?

Yes. The project needs to change direction.

What are these changes and why?

As part of coming to end of the Design phase I reviewed where I am with the project using a mindmap.

Whilst the comic design is on track and generating good learnings, the problem preventing me from going into Production is I don’t yet have an updated/amended script.

My co-collaborator is currently busy with other projects and has not been able to complete the script review/rewrite.

The reason this is a problem is that the script will need to change, and some places significantly, so any work I do now will need to be reworked later. I therefore decided to stop work until the updated script is available and consider my options.

I identified a number of different options and decided the project that would best align to my outcomes would be to create a shorter more experimental comic, using what I’ve learned from the Oli comic design, showcasing more of my personal voice.

I created a rhizome map to link information from my manifesto and personal statement with the new project idea. The purpose of this was to ensure the closest possible alignment between what I claim to be as an illustrator and the work.

I considered four different ideas, and one stood out as a clear frontrunner. However at the time of writing, more analysis, design and research is needed to confirm that this is true.

Have you achieved a consistency of approach between your manifesto and project plan?


What do you need to do now to start your project?

Stopping the current project and starting a new one means replanning and cycling back through the Discovery and Design phases, although these should be shorter in duration and require less effort.

The overall timeline will remain the same so the scale and ambition of the project will need to adjust accordingly.

The immediate next step is to consider the four options identified in the rhizome map to agree which idea should be developed.

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