3.5 Free association

The purpose of this exercise was to experiment with doodling as another way to generate ideas.

Key words from the brief:

  • This final exercise is an entirely playful one.
  • Doodling is a more automatic process – you draw without being self conscious.
  • Start off with motifs that are familiar to you.
  • Aim to fluidly fill the whole of the page.
  • Do this whenever you feel like it!

What I did

I doodle a lot. Mostly at work. I have A4 hardback sketchbooks that I carry around with me everywhere that contain meeting notes and ideas all wrapped around doodles. They help me work out complex ideas and are an aide memoire.

So doing doodling purely for pleasure was new and a really pleasurable activity.

All the doodles were done in an A5 sketchbook over the period of a week. Some were really quick, some slower. I sketched on the train, in a coffee shop and in my studio.


What went well

  • I enjoyed losing myself in the process.

What I would do differently/better

  • It took a while to get into the flow. A couple of the drawings feel a bit self-conscious and contrived.
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