2.0 Drawing on the familiar

The purpose of this exercise was to start thinking and working using a reportage approach.

Key words from the brief:

  • Draw a space you are familiar with
  • Draw the location, the people and activities
  • Use notes to capture your thoughts and feelings, dialogue and other details
  • You can spend a chunk of time doing all the drawings in one go, or work on them over a period of time


The drawings are are of people and places made over a six-week period. They are arranged into two sections.

  • Sketchbook drawings from my daily commute into London
  • Urban sketches from various London locations

They were made using a mixture of different approaches; most were made relatively quickly and some of the more complex drawings were more sustained.

Sketchbook drawings

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Urban sketches


These sketches were created after did the Urban Sketching Bootcamp in Prague (see 2.2 Drawing on location). I can really see a development in my work in terms of visual language employed and a willingness to tackle more challenging subjects.


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