Retrospective – Visual exploration

The following mindmap captures the outputs of a retrospective after handing in the final assignment for Visual exploration.

Retrospective outputs

Retrospective mindmap

Download a hgh resolution version of the image here:

Stop, start, continue


ActionWhat is being done to achieve this?
Posting poor work on InstagramListen to gut instinct. Posting quality work is more important than posting every day
Doing work that doesn’t have valueAlways reflect before committing to doing any projects/work on whether it meets my development objectives. Will it add value in the right way?
Observation: I need to state clearly what my Illustration objectives are. These have been written down in different places but need to be reviewed in light of current situation. Add to Definition of ready


ActionWhat is being done to achieve this?
Make sure research practice objectives are specified and measured for each piece of workAdd to working process and DOD
Added to DOD
To get do more reportage work to balance figurative workAt time of writing England has just started the second coronavirus lockdown and so the opportunity to do more reportage work will be limited until things start to ease.
Refresh my portfolio website and organise it to be more focusedAllocate some time to do this before starting Level 3 units. This needs to happen sooner rather than later because the current portfolio is of old work that doesn’t represent me very well.
Added to backlog
Finish reading books rather than jumping onto the next thingComplete two current books before starting the next. Then just read one at a time because flitting from to another doesn’t give full value.
Maximise opportunities to exploit illustration in my day jobKeep looking and pushing for new opportunities BUT make sure this is used effectively.
Working on the substantial content of future critical reviews earlier in the course unit1. Plan the whole unit
2. Really test the proposed idea – during Visual exploration although the initial ideas were produced during PART 2 they were never developed until right at the end and it turned out the draft ideas needed further development.
3. Once the topic is know, build the research into the rest of the coursework and use the opportunity to build theoretical and practice research into the coursework.
Added to backlog


ActionWhat is being done to achieve this?
To build caricature skills tool to bring visuals into a ‘workplace’ contextContinue to practice and work through Tom Richmond’s book “The Mad Art of Caricature!”
To find opportunities to learn/collaborate inside and outside of the OCAKeep participating in OCA study events and look out for anything external that is of interest.
Think about using the film sketch challenge as a way to develop narrative illustration during lockdownStart to more regularly contribute work to this challenge.
To do a lot of workContinue ‘As Is’
To use video for reflection/recording aspects of making workContinue ‘As Is’. Use video for the final reflective evaluation for Visual Exploration (part of the assessment submission).
Added to backlog
Zoom life/figure/portrait classesContinue ‘As Is’
To work with experimental visual approachesContinue and expand on the visual approaches used for Assignment 4 and Assignment 5.
Using Paperpile for referencingContinue ‘As Is’
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