Google hangout 12/08/18

What I’m going to share

I’m currently developing ideas for the final assignment in Printmaking 1, and I’m stuck. I’ve got three different ideas that are developed to a greater or lesser degree; I think each approach has strengths and weaknesses, and I need help to decide which direction to go in.

What’s the brief?

The purpose of the brief is to create a series of four related prints drawing on the learning, skills and techniques acquired during the earlier exercises.

My aim is to demonstrate my skill in designing, printing and evaluating the printmaking process.

Themes, subjects, ideas and work in progress

The three directions/approaches are:

  1. Commuters & masks
  2. Anxiety – Response to first hand written account
  3. Social media will eat itself

Route 1 – Commuters and commuting

I’ve explored this subject area and themes in many previous projects and this route would be an extension this work.

Images from previous work:

Route 2 – Response to first hand written account

The starting point for this is a extract from a written account of what it’s like to experience anxiety. There is a personal connections here, so this topic has a particular resonance with me.

Extracts from sketchbooks and work in progress

Route 3 – Social media will eat itself

This is crashes together a number of different subjects and themes into one approach.


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