5.3 Constructing a visual journey

The purpose of this exercise was to create a visual journey containing information from the exercises and activities that I most connected with or were most important combined with the action plan to serve as a reminder of what I’d like to do more of.

Key words from the brief:

  • Think about how you might order and compile the work
  • The actions could be used as a key to make simple sections
  • You may also decide to write out key words, or sentences from your tutor feedback
  • A snapshot summary of where you are at this stage of the course and where you want to go next
  • Don’t be precious

My approach

For me this exercise is the culmination of the previous three exercises:

  1. 5.0 Taking stock – with an assessment of exercises, processes, materials and tutor comments
  2. 5.1 Making an action plan visually – containing a list of objectives for future work
  3. 5.2 Making connections – that develops images based on inputs from the first two exercises

From this I planned the work across 7-images:

No Exercise My memory/comments Key words Tutor report/action plan objective
1 Making mistakes and cutting up fast 3-minute painting Experiment with more media
2 Investigating a process Watercolour brushes, layer and masking, marks and textures, collage

Structured testing and experimentation

Lucy Austin

3 Observation Early morning sketching in January

20 x sketches or more

Objective, reportage, places, people

Work in sequence

Architectural line
4 Working with external impetus Single figures, crowds and activities

Commuter sketching. Sitting in the window of the Black Sheep with a black Americano and sketchbook at 7:30am every day

Reportage, people combine fast observational drawing and slow studio development
5 Blind contour drawings Sketching passengers on the last train home Expressive A way to develop new characters
6 Illustrative people and places Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market – a hive of hipsters Reportage, fast Rapid and slower drawing in combination to create a sense of temporality

Architectural line

Another layer of background detail

7 Building stories A million people, a long day Sequential, meaning, Narrative Bringing lots of smaller sketches into larger, more finished pieces in the studio

I wanted to experiment and try out new combinations and feature sketches and processes that haven’t been used previously. I didn’t have any preconceptions about how I’d achieve this.

I sketched out some thoughts:

Sketching out an approach – A5 sized

My visual journey

All images were created across two pages of an A2 sketchbook.


What went well

  • This was a very enjoyable way of reviewing the whole module and reminding myself of what I’ve achieved and what I need to focus on next.
  • I liked working in an A2 sketchbook.
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